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Specialists in Tents, Events
& Other Types of Structures

Ace Canvas & Tent (A.C.T.) is not just a recognized leader in the tent and event industry, but a rapidly growing and diversified company that has significantly expanded its operations over the past six decades to include other types of temporary and semi-permanent structures.

In addition to pole and frame tents, tent accessories, and other tent related equipment, A.C.T. now also specializes in:

  • custom covers & enclosures
  • elegant inflatable structures with internal fluorescent lighting ideal for product launches & exhibitions
  • high end steel & fabric structures such as
    • warehouses
    • sport centers
    • docks
    • hangars

This diversified approach gives A.C.T. a distinct edge over tent companies that focus exclusively on tent rental.

With a wider range of products and services, A.C.T. can not only offer customers more options, but has the equipment and logistical support to complete any size project for both the private and public sector.

If you need a company that specializes in several types of temporary and semi-permanent structures in addition to event tents, call 1 (800) 456-9894 toll free today, or contact info@acecanvasandtent.com and let our professional staff help you select the best option for your personal or business needs.