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Custom Made
Frame & Pole Tents

Ace Canvas & Tent (A.C.T.) specializes in manufacturing both standard as well as unique custom made pole and frame tents that are equal or superior in quality to other well known manufacturers of tents. All manufacturing is handled by Ace Vinyl Products.

A.C.T. only uses the highest quality products when fabricating party tents and has a state-of-the-art RF machine that seams joints using radio frequency to ensure tents are leak proof. Our custom tent-tops are fabricated using first quality engineered 13 oz to 15 oz vinyl that is mildew and flame resistant.

Custom tents can be made in many different sizes to suit your particular needs ranging from 20'x20' to 60'x200' for pole tents, and up to 40'x100' for frame tents.

Custom made A.C.T. tents are available in a wide assortment of colors including red, blue, orange, yellow, green, purple, pink and more. They can also be manufactured with special patterns such as stripes.

For superior quality tents custom made by a tent manufacturer with over 60 years of experience in the tent and event industry, just call 1 (800) 456-9894 toll free today or contact info@acecanvasandtent.com and let our event planning professionals help you choose the option that best suits your needs.