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Attractive Flooring Solutions
for Party Tents & Events

Whether you are planning a wedding, a private party or a corporate function, it is important to have a safe, level, and attractive surface for your guests to walk on.

That is why Ace Canvas & Tent (A.C.T.)provides a wide range of flooring solutions to accommodate all your needs, including:

  • dance floors
    4'x4' interlocking sections available in wood parquet, all white, all black or black & white checkered pattern assembled inside the main party tent or outside under a separate tent
  • porta-floor
    1'x1' interlocking sections of light grey, durable and high impact plastic perfect for covering grass, sand, synthetic turf, asphalt and many other sufaces
  • plywood flooring & decking
    2"x4" frames with 3/4" plywood ideal for creating a stable platform on uneven terrain
  • carpeting
    shrink proof Astro Turf and Berber carpeting available in several colors and sizes for covering asphalt, porta-floor and plywood flooring and decking
  • carpet runners
    available in red, white, black and other colors measuring 4', 5' or 8' wide with binding on all sides

Just call 1 (800) 456-9894 toll free today or contact info@acecanvasandtent.com and let our event planning professionals help you choose the best decking, flooring and carpeting option for your event.