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Celebrating 60 Years of Growth, Expansion & Diversification

Over the past 6 decades, Ace Canvas & Tent (A.C.T.) has significantly expanded its operations and diversified the range of products and services it offers. Today A.C.T. is not just a leader in the tent industry but one of the few tent companies that specializes in many different types of temporary and semi-permanent structures.

• Early Years in the Tent Market - acecanvasandtent.com

Although A.C.T. has been operating from Long Island, NY for the past 30 years, its roots lie in New Jersey where it was founded in April 1954. At that time, A.C.T. was primarily involved in manufacture of covers for the garment industry. However, over time, .A.C.T. specialized in
manufacturing tent-tops and eventually morphed into a full service event company dedicated to fabrication, rental and sale of commercial frame and pole tents.

A.C.T. & the Corporate Tent Industry - thetentguy.com

In 2005, A.C.T. significantly expanded its operations by acquiring the assets of the Tent Guy, a local tent rental company based in Long Island, along with the website thetentguy.com which is now the division A.C.T.  that specializes in high end tents for corporate events and weddings.

A.C.T. & the Used Tent Market - islandtent.com

That year, A.C.T. also increased its inventory of second hand tents by acquiring the assets of Island Tent Rentals along with the domain name islandtent.com which is now the division of A.C.T. that specializes in selling and renting used tents and outdoor utility tents for providing shelter to workers on construction sites.

• A.C.T. Custom Enclosures & Covers - acevinylproducts.com

From the outset, A.C.T. diversified the range of products it offers by manufacturing not only tents but other types of temporary structures made from engineered vinyl including custom enclosures, special covers, awnings and tarps (all of our manufacturing for tents and enclosures is now handled by our sister company Ace Vinyl Products).

• A.C.T.'s Inflatable Buildings - inflatable-structures.com

In 2009, A.C.T. launched a new website dedicated to high performance inflatable structures equipped with internal fluorescent lighting ideal for product launches, corporate functions, expos and exhibitions. The product line includes a wide range of shapes such as inflatable domes, cubes, rectangles, roofs, walls, partitions and many custom inflatable designs in a variety of sizes.

• Industrial Steel & Fabric Structures - ace-sructrures.com

For several years, the staff of A.C.T. have lent their support, expertise and extensive experience in logistics to Advanced Custom Engineered Structures, a separate legal entity specializing in high end steel and fabric warehouses, docks, hangars, loading bays, industrial doorway systems and sport centers.

In 2014, A.C.T. celebrates 60 years of continuous growth, expansion and diversification. We look forward to providing our customers with even more options and quality services in the upcoming decades.

So call 1 (800) 456-9894 toll free today, or contact info@acecanvasandtent.com and let A.C.T. help you select the best option for planning a successful event.