Ace Canvas & Tent Corp is a family owned business dating back to April 17th 1954 when it was founded by Vincenzo (Jimmy) Guastamacchio. Vincenzo worked alongside his wife, Antoinette Guastamacchio, and son-in-law, Dominic Cardillo, in the heart of Jersey City for 30 years. In July, 1983, Vincenzo’s daughter, Kathryn Cardillo, (married to Dominic Cardillo) was gifted a joint share of the company. Working with her husband for 10 years Kathryn and Dominic moved the company to Ronkonkoma, New York a busy town on Long Island, and ran the company together up until 1992 when they passed it down to their sons Frank & Vincent Cardillo.

In 2003 Vincent Cardillo became the sole President of Ace Canvas & Tent Corporation and is running it alongside the new CEO & his good friend Adam Wagner to this day. For over 60 years and counting The Cardillo family has created a strong & reputable name for themselves in the tent business building a hardworking and loyal team of coworkers along with them. Ace Canvas & Tent Corp has the knowledge, skills, experience and quality product that it takes to make your event one to remember. With intelligent customer service, skilled and reliable workers, we guarantee you are making the right choice when booking your order with Ace Canvas & Tent Corporation.