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Enhance Tent Appearance
& Functionality with Sidewall

Ace Canvas & Tent (A.C.T.) carries several types of sidewall including:

  • solid white sidewall
    fully opaque partitions that can be doubled to provide added insulation in winter, isolate certain areas within a tent for catering, waiters and other staff, or hide unsightly areas surrounding a tent
  • sidewall with elegant windows
    such as rectangular French style windows or Cathedral windows with arched tops
  • cafe style sidewall
    special hybrid partitions with the bottom 1/3 in solid white vinyl and the remaining 2/3 made with transparent material
  • clear sidewall
    transparent partitions that improve natural lighting and allow 360 degree panoramic view of the surrounding landscape
  • mesh sidewall
    partitions with a diamond weave pattern that allows air to flow freely into a tent while keeping bugs out

A.C.T. can customize sidewall to match your specific requirements. Whether you want your sidewall to be a specific height, width, length or whether you want a special fabric, color or pattern, A.C.T. can accommodate your needs.

So call 1 (800) 456-9894 toll free today or contact info@acecanvasandtent.com and let our event planning professionals help you choose the best options for your tent sidewall.