Flooring & Doors


1’x1′ interlocking sections of light grey, durable and high impact plastic perfect for covering grass, sand, synthetic turf, asphalt and many other surfaces.


2″x 4″ frames with 3/4″ plywood ideal for creating a stable platform on uneven terrain.

Astro-Turf Carpeting

Shrink proof Astro Turf and Berber carpeting available in several color and sizes for covering asphalt, porta-floor and plywood flooring and decking.

Dance Flooring

4’x4′ interlocking sections available in wood parquet all white, all black or black & white checkered pattern assembled inside the main party tent or outside under a separate tent.

Carpet Runners

available in red, white, black and other colors measuring 4′, 5′ or 8′ wide with binding on all sides.



7′ tall and are 5′ wide with :

  • white aluminum framing
  • shatter proof smoked glass
  • rounded handles
  • panic bars
  • locks