Government Contracts

Local, State & Federal
Ace Canvas & Tent is always eager to serve the public sector and welcomes opportunities to work on projects for local, state and federal agencies, as well as for the US Armed Services.
With over 60 years of experience in the tent and event industry, has developed a solid reputation for successfully completing projects on time and under budget.
While most of Ace Canvas and Tent’s ontractual agreements have so far been with the private sector, Ace Canvas has recently completed several projects for the U.S. military,
including a project involving parachute repair.

In the past, Ace Canvas has also procured special crashpads for the New York Port Authority designed to limit state liability resulting from damage caused to disabled vehicles towed from bridges and tunnels in and around Manhattan.

In addition to commercial tents, Ace Canvas now also specializes in other types of
temporary and semi-permanent structures ideal for many government projects, including custom enclosures, inflatable structures, as well as high end steel and fabric warehouses, sport centers, docks and hangars that can be equipped with industrial doorway systems and loading bays.

With fewer than 50 employees on its payroll, Ace Canvas is not only blessed with a lean and efficient workforce capable of completing projects under tight budget constraints,
but it also meets the legal definition of a small business which is a vital criterion for selection of government contracts. In addition, Ace Canvas is a duly registered vendor in the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) database and has submitted its
Reps and Certs information to the Online Representations & Certifications Application (ORCA).