Power & Lighting

To supply electric power to a tent for lighting, audio visual systems, heating, air conditioning and cooking. We can run a simple extension cord from an existing available outlet on the event site. However, to safely distribute power supplying energy may sometimes require:

  • An on-site 250KVA generator
  • Installation of heavy duty cabling
  • Panels
  • Boxes


Ace Canvas & Tent can not only supply the generators and panel boxes you need but, can also provide licensed and insured electricians to complete the installation.


Cafe Globe Lights

Measuring 30″ x 30″ with a lightweight plastic base
supporting 4 globes equipped with 100 watt bulbs; producing a very bright light.

String Lights

Ling strands of decorative bulbs ideal for wrapping around tent poles draping from ceilings, for a romantic look.

Globe Lights
Frosted Bistro Lights
Clear Bistro Lighting

Par-can Lighting

Lights that can be covered with gelatin sheets of various colors for illuminating the inside of tents creating; a dramatic effect.

Spot Lights

Powerful directional lights for highlighting a specific area such as a stage.