Sidewall & Liners

Solid White

Fully opaque partitions that can be doubled to provide added insulation in winter, isolate certain areas within a tent for catering, waiters and other staff, or hide unsightly areas surrounding a tent.

Cathedral Windows

Such as rectangular French style windows or Cathedral windows with arched tops.

Cafe Style

Special hybrid partitions with the bottom 1/3 in solid white vinyl and the remaining 2/3 made with transparent material.


Transparent partitions that improve natural lighting and allow 360 degree panoramic view of the surrounding landscape.


Partitions with a diamond weave pattern that allows air to flow freely into a tent while keeping bugs out.


Tent Liners

Liners can be added to any tent to embellish the interior and create a truly glamorous look. Although tent liners are generally used to decorate the ceiling, they can also be wrapped around poles or used as drapes for decorative purposes. They not only help hide frames and the supporting mechanism of a tent but, with the right type of ambient lighting and a few garlands of rope light, tent liners create a unique atmosphere that is sure to dazzle your guests.